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7 Core Training Areas of High Relevance for 2023

Workplace English
Business Writing Skills
Business Communication Skills
Report Writing
Business Presentations
Mastering Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) vs Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Digital Marketing Strategies
Customer Experience Management
Brand Management Strategies and Execution
Persuasive Marketing Communications
Creating a Strategic Marketing Plan
Human Resource
Strategic workforce planning and budgeting
Onboarding and digital recruitment
Managing an augmented workforce
Measuring Employee value proposition
Managing sourcing channels
Advanced Selection excellence
Aligning recruitment to big data and analytics
Future Proofing your organisation (the digital workforce)
Motivation and Performance Management
Operations Management
Improving Productivity through Quality Enhancement and Cost Reduction
Process Management: Mapping and Improvement
Simplification of Work Processes and Procedures
Total Quality Management (TQM): Tool Box for Continual Improvement


Customer Service
Creating a personalised customer experience
Automating the Customer Service
Self Service Strategies to achieve customer satisfaction
Multi-Channel Customer Service
Achieving Service Agility

Leadership and Management
Leadership Skills
Professional Management
Career Development and Succession Planning
Building effective teams
Problem Solving
Innovation Leadership
EQ and IQ Leadership
Assessing Sales Performance
Sales Pipeline Management
Sales Forecasting
Sales Planning and Analysis
Consultative Selling
Using Big Data and Analytics to close your sale
B2B sales Strategies and Execution
Sales Negotiation Process
Cross and Up Selling effectively
Finance and Accounting
Advanced Budgeting for planning and control
Cost Analysis and Control
Corporate Finance
Financial Forecasting and cashflow analysis
Advanced Cost Saving Strategies
Financial Analysis and Reporting using Excel
Accounts Receivable and Credit Policies Management
Managing Accounts Payable Effectively
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Negotiation Strategies for Better Purchasing Value
Stock Management, Forecasting and Demand Planning: Tools and Techniques
Purchasing Management and Cost Saving Techniques
Strategic Sourcing: Maximising Procurement Value
Supply Chain Risk Management
Procurement Planning and Bid Management

Based on our research with both our academic and industrial partners, we have identified the following topics that will be of high relevance in 2022.

Training include:
Harvard Business Case Study analysis and other relevant tools to ensure that participants are able to master and apply the skills, expertise and knowledge gained from the training.

This includes pre training, during training and post training activities with access to our eLearn Portal and Webinar Facilities.

All trainings are conducted in effective group sizes using a high level of face to face consultative discussion and facilitation with relevant activities.
Participants are encouraged to apply the training to the challenges they face at the workplace during the sessions to receive maximum benefit.

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