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Director Message

Thank you for considering Global Executive Academy for your executive training needs and executive studies. Our executive programs are designed to provide executives with the knowledge, skills and competencies to succeed in the global business and corporate environment.We believe strongly in our executive learning and training excellence. Our trainers come from all over the globe with a vast amount of experience and are globally recognised in their respective fields to provide you with a holistic training and learning experience. Unlike other training schools which rely heavily on theories, our trainers and members of Global Executive Academy have held senior management roles in various industries and as such bring with them their industrial experience to the training and learning environment. Our trainers have trained and taught across the globe in Europe, US, Asia and many other parts. Some of the globally recognised organisations our trainers have worked with are the World Bank, Temasek Holdings and various government bodies across the globe.

At Global Executive Academy, we are very passionate about lifelong learning and executive development and we aim to facilitate our training and learning through excellence in our executive training and learning and our dynamic exchange of knowledge. We believe in strong peer and business relationships and as such we encourage a high level of interaction during trainings and classes. We also have a strong network of executives, businesses and companies that we share during our trainings and classes.

I welcome your interest to our training and executive programs and I look forward to having you as a valuable part of our collaborative and dynamic community.

With kind regards,
James de Souza
Managing Director,
Global Executive Academy

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