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Academy for Professionals

GEA focuses on practical application of knowledge as a major part of our curriculum in order to meet the needs of working Professionals. Lectures are also placed on weekends, to the convenience of Professionals.

World Class Faculty

GEA takes pride in selecting only the best lecturers from all over the world and providing education of top notch international standards. In addition, apart from their outstanding academic credentials and lecturing experience, all GEA’s trainers have many years of working experience in their respective fields of expertise.

Shaping Global leaders

GEA serves as the platform for Professionals to  not only upgrade their skills set, but also to share and exchange their experiences in their professions with other business leaders and thereby gain useful real life practical knowledge.

Top Notch Curriculum

GEA’s Curriculum are specially tailored by our experienced advisors and trainers for working Professionals based on International standards. In addition, rigorous Quality checks are conducted by educators around the world with years of experience in various industries.

Internationally Recognized Accreditation

To suit the increasingly globalised economy, GEA provides programmes that are internationally recognized and accredited by our reputable partner Universities.

Lifelong Network

GEA frequently conduct talks graced by internationally reputable speakers, thereby giving all GEA’s attendees a chance to network with high net worth individuals from around the world.