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  •   Advanced Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management (GEA INSTITUTE) Singapore
      Hotel and Restaurant Operations Specialist Programme (GEA INSTITUTE) Singapore
      Operations Specialist Programme (GEA INSTITUTE) Singapore
      Sales Professional Programme (GEA INSTITUTE) Singapore
      Human Resource Professional Programme (GEA INSTITUTE) Singapore
      Advanced Management Programme
      Corporate Training & ISO
      Certified Intensive English Programme
      IELTS Test Preparation
      TOEFL Test Preparation
      Work Place English
  •   Johor Bahru
      Kuala Lumpur
  •   Instalments
      Immediate Cash/Cheque Payment
      Company Sponsorship(HRDF)

1. What is a typical participant’s profile?

Working adult with at least 2 years of working experience from any job or industry.

2. I am a foreigner. Can I apply?

Yes. Foreigners can apply.

3. What does a typical class schedule look like?

Classes at campus are scheduled on the off days for Working Adults. (Eg: Weekends/Weekday Evenings.)

Classes are also recorded for Online Viewing and students can also participate in live Q&A Sessions online weekly.

4. What is it like to be a student here?

Take a look at the class and student pictures here! 

5. Can I get better employment after this?

Yes. The Career Office will assist you with the Career Assistance!

6. Are scholarships/subsidies available?

Yes. Suitable participants can receive up to 70% subsidy.

7. How do I make payment each month?

You can pay your monthly installments using one of the Fee Payment Modes.

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