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Coffee and Tea Session


Coffee and Tea Session

Last week we had a coffee session for our potential students at Secret Recipe at Galleria. The coffee session we organized for two dates Friday (24thApril) and Saturday (25th April), from 12p.m to 3p.m. We had a very good response. We had the chance to speak with all of them personally. We also had a Q&A Session.

Some of the questions asked were:

1) How long was the course?

20 months

2) How can they make payment?

  • EPF Withdrawal
  • Self Investment (5 installments)
  • Company sponsorship
  • Study loan

3) What are the modules covered?

1)      Essential Business Communication

2)      International Human Capital Management

3)      International Economics and Finance

4)      Creative Thinking and Problem Solving with Global Perspective

5)      Global Supply Chain Management

6)      Global Sales Skills

7)      International Marketing and Research

8)      Global Business Negotiation

9)      International Business Strategies

10)  Technology Marketing and Business Network with Global Perspective

11)  Fundamental of International Management

12)  Accounting with Global Perspective

13)  International Lean Management

14)  International Trade and Practices

15)  Entrepreneurship and supervisory Roles

16)  Leadership and Team Management

17)  Globalisation and Cross Cultural Issues

18)  Professional Ethics with Global Perspective

They also shared their working experiences and why they were looking to upgrade their qualifications.

Part of our discussion covered some of the main issues in finding a job and we shared on how we could assist them.

Some of the ways GEA will help:

1) Complimentary training provide Global Executive Academy.

2) Career Workshops and Consultation.

3) Job Placements and Job Fairs.

They also shared some of their on the job challenges.

1)      Importance of paper qualifications even though they have many years of working experience.

2)      Jobs filled with many international workers.

3)      Lack of knowledge on the latest technologies.

Some joined us after the discussion for a tour around our premises. They had a chance to get to know more about our lecturers and their backgrounds.

The coffee and tea session was both informative and allowed us to make new friends.

Siva Bharathi

Siva Bharathi

I am a teacher by training and a business person in practice. I look forward to interacting with everyone here. Feel free to contact me at
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