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Customer Service

Discover how to make every client connection a positive one—a skill that’s especially crucial during an economic downturn. Our customer satisfaction training seminars demonstrate practical ways you can hold on to your valuable customer base and win repeat business. These customer service training courses also show you how to measure your organization’s ability to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Take the first step toward becoming more customer service centered by attending any of the customer satisfaction training seminars listed below.

A Moment Of Truth In Action
Client Relationship And The Service Quality Mindset
Complaints Management : Customer Feedback & Complaint Handling
Creating Customer Value for Life Through CRM
Customer Centric For Excellent Customer Service
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Customer Service Champions
Customer Service Excellence – The Secrets Of Excellence Service
Customer Service Excellence : Enhancing Frontline Image
Customer Service Excellence : Understanding Customer Behavior & Building Lasting Business Relationship
Customer Service With A Heart – Creating A Service Culture For Your Organization
Effective Customer Service For Supervisors Of Frontline Personnel
Enhancing Customer Service – Excellence Call Center Image
Excellent Customer Service – The Customer Is King
Excellent Customer Service & Employees’ Motivation
Excellent Service Mastery Program
Handling Difficult And Demanding Customers
Improving Customer Service For Greater Customer Satisfaction
Managing Customers For Profit; Not For Sales
Mastering The Art of Managing Difficult People
Relating Towards Customer Service Excellence Module 1
Relating Towards Customer Service Excellence Module 2
ServicePeak! Secrets To Superior Customer Service
The Essence of Customer Service : An Essential Tool for Today’s Business Growth
The GRID Principle Towards Excellent Service / Product
The Grid Principles Towards Thinking Out Of The Box
The STAR Principle Towards Excellent Service Mindset
The Star Principles Towards Effective Customer Service
Transform Your Customer Service Into A Business Opportunity
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