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Finance & Accounting

Gain the knowledge, behaviors and confidence to meet the challenges of today’s difficult economy with financial management training programs and accounting seminars. You and your staff will benefit from the latest financial management strategies and techniques to keep your skills sharp and your financial acumen strong and focused.

Choose from the wide variety of accounting seminars and financial management training programs listed below to suit you at each stage of your career.

Accounting Principles & Practices
Accounting Skills For Accounts Clerks & Assistants
Accounting Skills for Non Accounting Staff’s
Art Of Preparing And Presenting An Effective Business Plan
Asset & Inventory Management
Cost Control And Financial Planning
Credit Control & Debt Collection Strategies
Credit Management And Control Systems
Credit Management And Debt Recovery
Effective budgeting and cash flow planning
Finance For Non-Financial Personnel
Financial Management And Taxation Made Easy
Financial Reporting Standards 139 (FRS)
Handling Difficult Accounting Issues
How To Prepare And Maintain Full Set Of Accounts
How To Process Business Information Using UBS Computerized Accounting
How To Read Financial Statement For Decision Making
Improving Payroll Administration Techniques
Interpretation and Analysis of Financial Statement For Non-Finance Manager
Malaysian Taxation Issues Made Easy And Tax Incentive For Malaysia Companies
Practical Credit Management And Debt Recovery
Proper Procedures & Documentation in Letter of Credit
Sharpening Your Accounting Skills
Sharpening Your Financial Accounting & Reporting Skills
UBS Accounting System
UBS Book Keeping
UBS Payroll System
UBS Stock Control System
Understanding Of Malaysian Business Taxation – Under Self Assessment System
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