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Office Administration

Our administrative support line offers an array of seminars for administrative professionals to help you build on the valuable secretarial skills you already possess — just what’s needed in order to support your organization in troubled economic times.

For administrative professionals just starting out, We provide basic administrative support training and time management skills development. Experienced administrative professionals can go beyond fundamental secretarial skills to higher-level seminars that explore proven ways to manage projects, work with teams, communicate effectively and delegate projects.

Handling Business Records and Filling Problems in Your Company
Sharpening Your Administrative and Office Management Skills
Clerical Skills Development for Administrative Professionals
Ke Arah Kemahiran Mengurus Tugas Harian
Pentadbiran Pejabat & Rekod Yang Berkesan
Setiausaha Yang Dinamik dan Proaktif
Supporting Your Boss: Breaking Through The Secretarial Obstaclese
Management skills for Secretaries, Supervisors and Office Administrators
Mencapai Kecemerlangan Dalam Kesetiausahaan
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