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Personal Development

Upholding positive interpersonal relationships among colleagues, subordinates and superiors is the key to maintaining a successful work environment — especially when daily interactions are subject to the strain and stress that accompany a troubled economy. Effective communication skills and interpersonal savvy are essential to help convey the polished professional image that you need.

Learn to overcome workplace obstacles by strategically applying interpersonal know-how to persuade and negotiate your way to positive results. You will develop your assertiveness and influencing skills to build better work relationships and move ahead.

Business Etiquette And Protocol
Change Your Attitude Change Your Future
Corporate Grooming And Etiquette – Enhancing Your Corporate Image
Corporate Grooming And Etiquette For Frontliner
Corporate Image Building
Corporate Innovation & Creativity
Creating Excellent Service, Mindset & Employees’ Motivation
Creating High Performance Work Teams
Critical Thinking – Deciding What To Believe And What To Do
Developing Good Attitude At Workplace
Effective Presentation Skills & Etiquette
Effective Time Management And Stress Management
Emotional Intelligence At The Workplace
EQ For Better Productivity
Excellent Work Ethics
Goal Setting – How To Get What You Want By Transforming Visualization Into Manifestation
Improving Business Communication & Presentation Skills For Front Line Personnel
Managing Self To Manage Mindset
Managing Time For Organizational Effectiveness
Motivational Coaching Through Self Hypnosis
Personal Effectiveness
Persuasive Presentation Skills
Planning & Organizing – A New Revolutionary Approach In Time And Personal Management
Positive Action Leadership
Positive Work Attitude
Preventing Job Burnout – Transforming Work Pressure into Productivity
Professional Image And Branding
Six Essential Skills For A Star Secretary
Stay Motivated And Lead Change Effectively
Supporting Your Boss: Breaking Through The Secretary Obstacles
Team Synergy – Building An Excellent Team
The 7 Habits For Effective Executives
The Art Of Fine Dining
The Art of Successful Presentation
The Essential Skills Of Managing Workplace Challenge
The LEAN Principle Towards Excellent Service Delivery
The Manager’s Survival Box – The 10 Most Essential Must-Have Instruments
The Secret of Managing Personal Change
The Winning Ways Of A Corporate Champion
Think And Act Like A Winner
Think Out Of The Box – Unleash Your Creativity And Innovation
Thinking Out Of The Box – The Art Of Intergalactic Thinking
Thinking Outside The Paradigm
Transform To A Star Secretary
Unleash Creativity And Lateral Thinking : Think Out Of The Box
Workplace Etiquette Program
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