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PSMB (HRDF) Training Schemes


  1. The SBL (Skim Bantuan Latihan) SchemeThe SBL scheme is the main funding scheme of PSMB. Prior approvals must be obtained from PSMB’s Secretariat. Employers are allowed to identify their own training needs and to implement their training programmes to retrain and upgrade their employees’ skills in line with their operational and business requirements. Under this scheme, employers are allowed to conduct training either on-the-job, off the job or a combination of both. Employers may also conduct training by engaging internal, external or overseas trainers. Effective 1 January 2011, trainers or training providers are required to register under Category C before they are allowed to conduct training under the SBL Scheme.
  2. The SBL-KHAS SchemeThe SBL-Khas scheme is mainly to assist employers who are facing cash flow problems to continue with their retraining and skills upgrading of their workforce by using existing levy balances. Under this scheme, employers need not pay training fees to training provider. PSMB will directly debit from the levy accounts of employers to pay the training fees incurred to training providers with the authorisation of the employers concerned. Training programmes that are eligible to be offered under this scheme are public and in-house programmes conducted by training providers who are registered with PSMB. Training grant applications submitted by employers for programmes that are not registered or conducted by training providers not registered under this scheme will be rejected.
  3. The PROLUS (Program Latihan Yang Diluluskan) SchemeThe Scheme requires training providers to register with PSMB. Upon registration, they may submit their training programmes, which are relevant to employers’ training needs for the award of the ATP (Approved Training Programmes) status. Employers can select any training programme with ATP status, send their employees for training without prior approval from PSMB and claim for reimbursements upon the completion of training, subject to the terms and conditions imposed by PSMB. Amongst the training programmes/courses that can publicly being offered are Management/Administrative Skills, Craft/Technical Skills, Computer-related Skills and Productivity-related Skills.
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