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Supply Chain Management

The cost of managing supply chains is on the rise and consumers are demanding new levels of efficiency now more than ever. You need to increase customer’s satisfaction without impacting the bottom line. By implementing an optimized product configuration strategy rather than a traditional supply chain strategy, you can deliver better service to your customers while maximizing your profits and gaining a competitive advantage.

The following courses are suitable if you intend to enter the profession of supply chain management or if you are a manager wishing to study this specialist area of management.

Building Sustainable Company Customer Relationship (CCR)
Classification Of Goods
Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
Developing Efficient Purchasing Officer
Effective Costs & Risks Planning In Incoterms Management
Effective Global Shipping Management
Effective Negotiation Management – Skills And Strategies
Effective Purchasing And Negotiation Skills
Empowering Global Distribution With Logistics And Supply Chain Strategy
Facilities Under The Customs Act
Import & Export Procedures
Incoterm, Shipping Procedure & Import / Export Documentation
International Trade Documentation & Shipping Practices
Leveraging Negotiation Strategies & Communication Skills
Logistics Operations and Supply Chain Management – Level 1
Logistics Operations and Supply Chain Management – Level 2
Logistics Operations and Supply Chain Management – Level 3
Logistics Operations and Supply Chain Management – Level 4
Malaysian Customs Procedures
Malaysian Import & Export Procedures & Documentation
Managing Import Export Operations & Incoterms Applications
Managing INCOTERMS (2000) & Trade Payment (UCP 600) In Shipping Practices
Managing Outsourcing In The Supply Chain
Managing The Bill Of Lading In Shipping
Negotiation Practices in The Supply Chain
Objectives And Benefits Of Free Trade Areas And Its Related Customs Procedures In Malaysia
Powerful Negotiation For Successful Purchasing
Practical Production Planning & Control
Principles in International Freight Management
Principles Of Purchasing
Principles of Purchasing Management
Purchasing & Supply Chain Management
Sales Tax
Service Tax
Sharpening Your Purchasing Skills
Strategizing Application Of Incoterms 2000
Strategizing Incoterms For Import Export, Lean Logistic Procedures And Letter Of Credit Procedures
Successful And Effective Purchasing Negotiation
Successful Store & Warehouse Operations Management
Supplier Management : Cost Reduction & Risk Mitigation
Supplier Quality Management
The Essential of Purchasing Management
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