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Part Time Diploma 2020


(Its 2020 and with the COVID-19, we have added new benefits for you!)

Who is the part time diploma suitable for?

Working adults who are working from 9am – 6pm and do not have time to further their studies.

Benefits of doing a part time diploma?

  1. Working adults do not have to stop work and can continue to earn their full time salary.
  2. GEA can provide supporting letters to request for support from the company for extra off days/study leave and tuition fees sponsorship.
  3. Working adults can get promotions and more career opportunities with a part time diploma.
  4. GEA Career Office will provide you with Career Assistance.

How about fees payment?

  1. We offer interest free monthly installments for up to 20 Months or the duration of the course.
  2. You can apply for subsidies of up to 70%.
  3.  We have increased our fee payment modes.

When is our part time diploma?

  1. All part time diploma schedule suits busy working adults. Lectures are held across Malaysia at our executive campuses on Weekends.
  2. Our part time diploma is taught using blended learning. We have both face to face classes, live online classes and eLearning through our eLearn Portal.

What part time diplomas do we offer?

Advanced Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management

What should you do now?

Find out more information here.

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