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UTM Professional Diploma in International Logistics and Supply Chain Management (12 Months)


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The result of an increasingly globalised world where goods and services move fluidly across borders is a booming logistics and supply chain management industry. This programme will equip you to oversee critical aspects of the supply chain and prepare you for employment in a variety of administrative or managerial roles in organisations operating in international trade, transport, purchasing, supply chain management, contract distribution, manufacturing, retailing, oil, gas and resources with an international perspective.

You will also develop high level skills in management, economics, finance, human capital, accounting, problem solving, planning, organising and managing change which will prepare you for a career in the current globalised business world.

The program prepares you for a career in a multinational company, a family-owned business or further study in an M.B.A. program.


  • Higher Earning Power
  • Lecturers from International Organisations: World Bank, Barclays Bank, Bank of America, Standard Chartered Bank 
  • A Career in Global Businesses and Multinational Companies (MNCs), International Organisations & Universities ranging from:
  • Global Entrepreneur
  • Management Consultants,
  • Purchasing and Procurement Officer
  • Importer and Exporter Specialist
  • Global Brand Consultant
  • International Operations Manager
  • International Business Developer
  • Global Account Strategist
  • International Inventory and Supply Officer
  • International Supply Chain Analyst
  • International Trade Executive
  • International Transport Administrator

“In terms of driving improvements in productivity, employers most value the Diploma (70 per cent).”

“Three quarters of employers view the Diploma as a benefit to their employer brand and reputation.”

(Management Standards Centre, 2007)


This programme is fully accredited by School of Professional and Continuing Education, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTMSPACE), an internationally recognised and reputable top notch University. Upon successful completion of the programme, attendees will be awarded the title of Professional Diploma in International Logistics and Supply Chain Management and receive a certification from UTMSPACE.

Graduates will be able to use the Prof. Dip in International Logistics and Supply Chain Management on their name cards.

Further Studies

On completion of the programme, graduates can apply for our Executive MBA programmesSpecial exemptions and other benefits are available.


Language:Conducted fully in English
Mode of delivery:Blended mode of self-managed learning, discussions, face to face tutorial and online support system. Applied learning is the main focus as we recognised the importance of being able to apply the skills and knowledge learned in the Executive Diploma for our working professional attendees, as well as the essentiality of being in touch with the latest and best industry practices.
Duration:12 months, 3 Semester (36 Credit Hours)
Number of modules:11 modules, 1 projects
Lesson timing:Weekends, 9am to 5pm OR Weekdays, 9am to 5pm. (For the convenience of our working professional attendees)
Lecturers:University Core Modules (Umum Universiti) are all conducted by lecturers for UTMSPACE main campus, other modules by our experienced and knowledgeable lecturers.
Assessment:60 % Coursework, 40% Final Examination. More emphasis is placed on coursework in recognition of the importance of practical industry application of knowledge.

Programme Modules

International Logistics Management
Global Supply Chain Management
Economics and Finance for Logistics and Supply Chain
International Human Capital Management
International Purchasing Management
Distribution and Transportation Management
Fundamentals of International Management
Operations Management
Quality Management
Creative Thinking and Problem Solving with global perspective
International Trade and Practices
Global Business Negotiation
Accounting with global perspective

Classes are conducted at our Executive Campuses in Johor, Penang, Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Malacca.

Admission & Fees

Admission Deadlines

All admission applications should be completed by the following admission deadlines.

  • Admissions deadline for applications is at the end of every JAN/MAY/SEPTEMBER

Your Personal Investment

RM 16,000.00, excluding application fees.

Payment Mode

  • Instalments
  • EPF
  • Company Sponsorship (HRDF Claimable)
  • Self-Investment
  • Bank Loan

Admission Requirements

All applicants should fulfil the following requirements:

  • 2 to 4 years’ experience in a related field

* Special admission will be considered on a case by case basis.

Interested applicants please submit the following:

  • Duly completed application form (Download form from our website or collect a copy from our office)
  • Photocopy all supporting documents (Certificates & Transcript)
  • Application fee of RM 300

Please complete the above application process and mail/send in person to one of our Executive Campuses in Johor, Penang, Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Malacca.


Please call at

6072072596/ 6072072561

OR email us at


  • Top notch Industrial relevant curriculum
  • Applied learning focused
  • Exposure to a variety of International case studies
  • Completed in 12 months (3 Semester)
  • Globally experienced & knowledgeable lecturers from International Organisations such as the World Bank
  • Faculty with International contacts in various industries
  • Platform to network with experienced & Internationally reputable individuals
  • Frequent talks by renowned and experienced Global corporate leaders
2. What award will I receive upon successful completion?
  • Professional Diploma in International Business Management from UTMSPACE (School of Professional and Continuing Education, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)
3. When are the intakes?
  • Every January, May & September
4. How can I finance the programme?
  • Instalments
  • EPF
  • Company Sponsorship
  • Self-investment
  • Bank loan
5. What is the duration of the program?
  • 12 months for 11 modules & 1 Project
6. When & Where will the lesson be conducted?
  • When: Weekends, 8.30am – 5pm
  • Where: Executive Campuses in Johor, Penang, Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Malacca. Visit our Contact Us page.
7. What is the mode of delivery?
  • Hybrid Methods: Face to face tutorial, discussions, online resources
  • Corporate Training Style: Encouraged to discuss with lecturers & peers on module related issues in your own organisation for real life examples and practice of applied learning
8. What will assessment consist of?
  • 60 %:  Coursework
  • 40%: Final Exam
9. Who are the Faculty members?
  • University Core Modules (Umum Universiti): Lecture by UTMSPACE own lecturers
  • GEA Modules: Conducted by our globally experienced and reputable lecturers
10. Any Other benefits?
  • Be notified to join our seminars conducted by world renowned individuals
  • Chance to network with reputable individuals from various industries


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