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IELTS Test Preparation


The IELTS test is recognised by British and Australian universities for admissions.

Booking a Test

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Programme Structure

The IELTS Test Preparation Programme at GEA covers the following skills and strategies:

  • Test structure, types and styles of questions
  • Test directions and time management for different sections of the test
  • Listening and reading strategies for speedy comprehension
  • Speaking strategies to respond appropriately in the oral interview
  • Writing strategies to fulfill the actual examination requirements

Curriculum and Duration

There are 3 Levels:

  • Basic (60 Contact Hours)
  • Intermediate (60 Contact Hours)
  • Advanced (60 Contact Hours)

You will receive a certificate of completion at each level.


  • Understand the composition and expectation of the IELTS listening, reading, writing and speaking sections of the test
  • Develop IELTS-specific listening strategies
  • Respond fluently and accurately using correct pronunciation and range of vocabulary in the oral interview
  • Improve general reading skill as well as IELTS reading strategies
  • Identify question types that accompany reading passages
  • Plan and write a good essay in the style that IELTS demands
  • Improve the previous IELTS score

Entry Requirements

  • Students should have an intermediate or higher level of English.
  • A placement test will be conducted to help students to gauge your level of English. Extra Classes are provided to bring you to the recommended level of English.

Average Class Size

  • 10 students per class


  • RM2400 Per Level

Payment Mode

  • Instalments

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